From my diary (Quotes)


On God

-During those times when God gives us everything we believe that we don’t need God.

-When we are disappointed by everyone on earth, we turn to God who will never disappoint us.

-At times we get very interested in the deeds of men and forget to observe the far more interesting deeds of God.

-God has all the answers. He knows the Cause, the Result, the Time and the Place.


On love

-Love doesn’t care about practicalities.

-What is so often described as a broken heart is in fact a broken ego. 2018


On greed

-You shouldn't go digging for gold when you have already found diamonds.


On human nature

-Sometimes we'll use any excuse to evade our conscience.

-Feigned modesty is worse than genuine arrogance. 2018

-Folk and Biblical wisdom, ancient Greek tragedies and Shakesperean plays contain insight on human stereotypes, generally true to this day. 2017

-Veracious persons don't understand mendacious ones and vice-versa.

-More often than not some people will become heroes because they have a higher sense of dignity than others.

-Our fingerprints differ, our DNA is not the same, our perception of the world varies. Feeling alone among 8 billion people.

-Our romantic fantasies can take a ridiculous shape in reality.

-My definition of charismatic: one who is intelligent and creative without being arrogant. 2019

-Some politicians are like actors: they seek recognition and applause but unfortunately they are not artistically inclined. 2020

-Electra complex is another way of saying that Electra had "daddy issues". 2021

-It's refreshing to meet people who aren't vain. 2023 


On youth

-To be young is like owning a good brand name.


On animals

-Animals don't face dilemmas;they always know what to do.


On Greece

-Greece is too old to die. 8.2.2013


On Thomas Hardy

-Thomas Hardy was an expert on architecture, religion and tragic relationships between cousins. 2016


On Dostoyevsky

-Dostoyevsky is the Master of the Universe of Writers.

-Dostoyevsky is God's interlocutor and he allows his readers to eavesdrop. 2017


On Cavafy 

-Durrell called him "the old poet of the city" but for the 20th century C.P.Cavafy was "The lighthouse of Alexandria" guiding us to the port of poetry and history.   


On literature

-Literature can teleport you into another world.

-Literature is love everlasting and love not treacherous.

-Literature is the air that I breathe and the food that I eat, my raison d'être par excellence. 2017

-My treasure, my most precious collection consists of written words. Oct.2019

-Poetry is my mother tongue. Aug.2020

-It is the poet's job to weep first and then to write verses. March 2022


On the Internet

-The Internet has turned us all into public figures. 2016

-On the Internet verba become scripta. 2018

Lito Seizani