Three poems

1.The dignified beggar

The beggar who doesn’t extend his palm
Is always there, at the corner of the pedestrians’ walk
In the lovely small German city
Near the old town hall
Across from the cosmetic shop
On the same side of the street
As the store selling expensive clothes
Having his hands crossed behind him
So how do you know he’s a beggar?
Because he stands there all the time
And if you take the initiative of some money
To give him, he won’t deny it
He’s been forever there, at the same spot
With his hands crossed behind him
Even before the enforcement of the law
Against aggressive begging
Today he gave me the inspiration
For this poem
In order to thank him
I approached him conspiratorially
Enticing him with my eyes
To bring one of his hands in front
And I gave him a coin
LS 2014.

2.Heavy luggage

How heavy is the luggage
Of an entire life
Travels and places, people and feelings
You saw it all, you felt it all
Even the ones
You may not have known
But, all the same, they came along

How heavy is the luggage
That you must carry yourself
No porter will offer to get it for you
Although you’re willing to pay
It’s you who chose to come with so much weight

But, oh, if only you could
Leave the suitcases
Go back for different choices
More practical, lighter ones
More useful, better ones

But, oh, if only you could
Throw a little ballast off your life’s balloon
Make it rise
So you can see the world
From above, from afar
LS 2014.


A door I adore
An entrance, a gate
It opens, it closes
Inviting, forbidding
Uniting, dividing

A door I adore
A commonplace metaphor
Of life when it opens
Of death when it's shut

A door I adore
A promise, a hope
A new beginning maybe
The sense of adventure
Of all possibilities
LS 2013.

Thanks to Ron Vassil for his help with the translation